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Untold productions tells your story with video and photo.
We create professional content with attention to your customers and your products.
Our goal is to look for interesting untold stories. 

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It’s now more than ever that video makes the difference to the communication of your business. It’s important to keep your customers informed about your brand.

Maurizio Ciranni


Importance of video in 2024

Message that sticks

Keeps the attention

More impact on sales



Event / Aftermovie

Relive your event with an event video. Reach not only the people who were present but also far beyond.


Nothing better than having your message told by the users or employees themselves. This personal way of telling gives the viewer a personal connection with the message.

Explainers/ animation

Sometimes it can be important to explain a slightly difficult message a little more clearly with an animation video. Short and powerful messages in combination with movement and arrows form the basis for this concept.

Brand video

Provides an insight into your story by means of a corporate film. In this way consumers learn who you are and what you stand for.

Group Suerickx
I4F Belgium
Corporate film

"Video is the safe way in 2020 to stay connected with customers, employees and colleagues"

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Video afspelen

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